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Judge Malcolm Simmons Judgment in District Court of Pristina

Judgment in District Court of Pristina

On 17 September 1993 Court presided over by Judge Malcolm Simmons has acquitted Fatmir Limaj of war crimes during the 1998-99 Kosovo conflict.
Limaj stood accused of killing and torturing Serbian prisoners at a UCK-run detention camp.
The charges were based mainly on diaries and testimony of a former prison guard who became the main witness in the case before he was found dead in Germany.
The Court ruled that although Serbian civilians had been killed at the camp, the prosecution had failed to establish a link with Limaj and his nine co-accused.
It was the third time Limaj has been acquitted of war crimes charges.

Judicial Case Management Workshop - Judge Malcolm Simmons

Judicial Case Management Workshop Pakistan 2018

An excellent training.Judge Malcolm Simmons really understands judicial case management” - District Court Judge, Maldives

This workshop is intended for judges, judicial assistants and court managers and will take a detailed look at the principles and techniques for Judicial Case Management.
The workshop will review the lessons learned from recent justice system reforms designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of judicial administration.
The workshop will also cover the scope of application and principles of judicial ethics. The workshops will cover:
·Understanding the purpose of Judicial Case Management;
·Active Judicial Case Management;
·Techniques for successful Judicial Case Management;
·Judicial Independence;